Even in a smaller home, having good-looking house furnishings can make it seem bigger and more luxurious. Nowhere is that more important than in a bathroom, where size may be at a premium, but the quality is still important. When it comes time to fix up a bathroom vanity for a smaller space, there are now more options than ever and many of them don’t have to cost a huge amount. Here are a few tips for finding ways to fix up a small bathroom vanity without breaking the bank.

Upgrading a Vanity Appearance Can Be Fast and Low-Cost

Many smaller vanities, that is, less than a 24 inch bathroom vanity or a 30 inch vanity, will have all the options in one set. They include the base, top, and sink, as well as a variety of materials and choices of storage. For smaller vanities, they have many free-standing options, meaning they don’t anchor directly to the wall except for the plumbing portions. These allow for a greater range of customization, as swapping out a vanity set can be relatively quick. Other options include wall-mounts, which do anchor to the wall but require little assembly.

Smaller Vanities Have More Materials Than Ever


A variety of materials exist for the tops of even smaller vanities, such as plastic, stone or ceramic. These can complement a bathroom’s look, or change it to something more classic or modern. The lower bases can be comprised of wood, plastic composite or other materials that offer contemporary fashion at a low price. In some cases the pieces may be cheaper individually, meaning that while some assembly might be required, it allows for a lot of customization in appearance. This makes it far easier to find your perfect piece.

Online Retailers Have Discounts With Amazing Options

Aside from the ease of ordering a vanity set from an online store, they also offer many incentives to do so. Everything from free two-day shipping, to massive discounts on full sets. An entire vanity with every piece could go from four hundred dollars to under two hundred dollars and include free shipping. Not only do they provide excellent service at a great cost, but they also offer options for their pieces that may not be available elsewhere. If your decorating style is unique, online stores have a wide range of options to meet your needs. A bathroom remodel cost doesn’t need to be high to offer fantastic options for your space.


Fit Your Space, Your Budget, and Your Style

Smaller bathroom fixtures have everything from solid wood to frosted glass options. Varying in price, they also allow for a greater range of options. If you’re looking for a specific color for a smaller space, many options that a larger vanity would have now comes on the smaller models. When space is at a premium, many also give options for drawers, cabinets or other storage spaces.


Even in smaller homes or apartments, a great looking vanity can be found at a great cost.